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Solana 7 Months

I was lucky to be visiting Solana at her house on such a beautiful March afternoon. We took her outside to play and, as you can see, she just loved every minute of it!  She is just too cute, and those froggy jeans are adorable.Theresa Muench Photography-Solana-1Theresa Muench Photography-Solana-5Theresa Muench Photography-Solana-2Theresa Muench Photography-Solana-4Theresa Muench Photography-Solana-3Theresa Muench Photography-Solana-6

Sunset in Mexico

Those who know me well, know that I love sunsets. I cannot get enough of them and I have countless photos of them. My favorite place for them? My family’s vacation home in El Pescadero, Mexico! They are always ah-mazing and you can’t beat watching the sun dip over the horizon with a glass of wine in hand and family by your side. Here’s one of my faves from our most recent trip: Theresa Muench Photography-Travel-1

Lori & Tom Engagement

Last night I had the opportunity to take engagement of some good friends of mine. Lori and I  have been talking wedding since the day she received the ring, so I was really excited when she and Tom asked if I would take some photos of the two of them. A truly amazing couple. I am so much looking forward to this wedding day!Theresa Muench Photography-L&T Engagement-5Theresa Muench Photography-L&T Engagement-2Theresa Muench Photography-L&T Engagement-4Theresa Muench Photography-L&T Engagement-1Theresa Muench Photography-L&T Engagement-3