Theresa Muench Photography

I’m a lifestyle photographer based in Saint Paul, MN. Photography is both my creative outlet and a passion of mine. Since I can remember, I have loved taking photos. Whether you put a disposable or DSLR camera in my hand, I will happily fill it up with images of the world around me. Ask my close friends and family, and they will tell you, I am the definition of “tourist in my own town.” I love capturing anything and everything, at home or away.

With the knowledge and guidance of some very talented family and amazing friends in the industry, I have been able to take my hobby to the next level. I am thankful for all that I have learned and I love the seemingly endless opportunity for growth as I continue to develop my skill.

Inspired by so many amazing people, my travels, and love for life, my photographic goal is to capture the emotion and beauty of life’s moments as they happen – snapshots in time to preserve for a lifetime.