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Liz & Adam Wedding

This wedding was absolutely incredible to say the least. I always love being in the mountains, but the opportunity to combine the amazing scenery with a wedding = photographer heaven. The ceremony was just outside Breckenridge at Blue Lakes-Monte Cristo Gulch. It was a little bit of a hike up to the oppositeĀ side of the dam, but totally worth it. The ceremony was gorgeous, and very special, with just a small group of close family and friends sharing the rocky beach with the couple as they exchanged their vows to become man and wife.

LizĀ and Adam are such a wonderful couple and they have the best family and friends. Thanks for inviting me out to be a part of this very special wedding! I had amazing time and this backdrop and this couple are, just, wow…

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Fun Family Photo

It’s rare that everyone in my family is all together…we are all so busy, live all over the place, and keep bringing new family members into the mix with their own family traditions and busy lives. It’s a wonderful part of getting older and of growing families, but it does make a family photo with all of the key members a rarity. I have to give Holly credit this year for taking the reins, thinking inside the box in this case, and coming up with an awesome idea. Typically we just quick grab a camera at the family Christmas Eve celebration, but this year we chose a random weekend in the summer that we happen to all be together and took this awesome photo! I’d say the bar is now high and the options are limitless…looking forward to the next family photo. We need to top this one!


The Hoskisson Family

There’s little I enjoy more than photographing friends, and this beautiful family is no exception. It was bittersweet to photograph them right before leaving Bloomington. I’m glad that we could fit this in among all of the crazy busyness that comes along with wrapping up school, moving, etc. Best of luck in your new home Hoskisson family!
Theresa Muench Photography-Hoskisson Family-1Theresa Muench Photography-Hoskisson Family-3Theresa Muench Photography-Hoskisson Family-2Theresa Muench Photography-Hoskisson Family-5Theresa Muench Photography-Hoskisson Family-4Theresa Muench Photography-Hoskisson Family-9Theresa Muench Photography-Hoskisson Family-6Theresa Muench Photography-Hoskisson Family-7Theresa Muench Photography-Hoskisson Family-8

Love NYC

My Grandma turned 80 this year, so we decided to spend the weekend celebrating with her out east. Since this would be Travis’ first trip to New York, we had to hit up some of the tourist attractions. We did the typical: show on Broadway, Statue of Liberty, Intrepid, Times Square, Grand Central, 9-11 Memorial, etc. One of our fave parts of the day was our first stop…here’s the view of NYC from the Top of the Rock:Theresa Muench Photography-Travel-6

The Hill Family

I had a blast with the Hill family! We got super lucky with the best weather of the year thus far and it was a perfect, sunny afternoon at the park. This family is just too cute and they are so much fun!Theresa Muench Photography-1052Theresa Muench Photography-0885Theresa Muench Photography-0892Theresa Muench Photography-Theresa Muench Photography-0991Theresa Muench Photography-1128Theresa Muench Photography-1004Theresa Muench Photography-1018Theresa Muench Photography-1035Theresa Muench Photography-1044Theresa Muench Photography-1238Theresa Muench Photography-1Theresa Muench Photography-1201